Schullerhof, der Urlaub am Bauernhof in Kärnten, in Hermagor der Spaß macht.

Our Schullerhof in winter

Our House is only 3 kilometres away from the ‘Ski-arena’ of Carithia. Ideally situated in order to have the most ski experience in the region.
The ‘Ski-arena’ in Nassfeld, the largest ski area in the province of Carithia provides the ultimate ski holidays in the entire country.
There is a shuttle bus available, 300 meters far from us, to bring the guests (in the shortest possible time) to the ‘Ski-arena’ Nassfeld, providing 30 top of the line Ski-lifts, to bring you to the top of the Skiing wonderland.

Our ‘Schullerhof’ is only 200 meters away from the cross country ski-trails as well. For those who perfer ice-skating, there are two frozen lakes, ‘Presseggersee’ which is about 10 kilometres away and ‘ Weisensee’ which is about 25 kilometres away.
This area also offers 2 tobogganing trails, were the whole family can enjoy the fun of the mountains.

Our House, also provides a ski-service room, where the guests can use the automatic ski-boot heaters, and dry and keep their skis and ski boards dry and indoors. In this way, keeping all the equipment in an A1 condition.
In our guest house, we also provide a sauna, which after a long day skiing is just the right thing to really relax and have a good evening. This is all provided to the guest for them to have a wonderful after ski experience.

We at the ‘ Schullerhof’ wish you all the best.
The Schuller Family.

Melanie Schuller
Watschig 9
9620 Hermagor
FAX+43 4285220